Bury My Heart in Asahikawa

by 外人 Army

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ヴィクトル・スタルヒン was just a boy
born with a glove and a ball in his hands, exiled from Russia and washed up on foreign shores
ハルビン instead of New York
before he could walk, they say he could hurl a ball at a 20 miles an hour, that's fast for just a kid
in Asahikawa, he was adored
the Blue-eyed Japanese will rise

His dream was to play in the 甲子園
the Disney Land of Baseball for all Peoples
He was scouted by some famous people
who moved him and his whole family to 関西

snubbing the coach who'd been grooming him for years
he stole out of 旭川 under cover of darkness
but he hadn't even been there two months
when they kicked him off the team for being white

The blue-eyed japanese
He was the great white hope
every high school wanted him
and all the ladies too

all the other teams
were jealous of his skills
they barred him from playing in Honshu
so he moved back to Hokkaido

in WWII they wanted him deported
a Tokyo Giant, a russian, a spy, every two days a gun was shoved in his back
forced to change his name despite his awards
須田博、a mockery, a tragedy, his wife had had it up to here
ヴィクトル・スタルヒン had a bitter divorce
but the Man without a Country never cries

His father owned a milk hall in 旭川
he hired this White Russian lady he met down in 関西
but he suspected she was secretly a Commy bastard
so one night he confronted her about his concerns

he stabbed her 8 times in the chest
they should have all been deported
but the Father of 北海道 baseball took them in
while his own father went to jail for 8 years.

The Blue-Eyed Japanese
He was the Great White Hope
the 読売新聞 blackmailed him
to play pro ball, he lost it all.
Bury my heart in Asahikawa.

He was 旭川's Golden Son
Now there is a 球場 in his honor
it stands right across from the 自衛隊 Base
and is very near Mega Donkey.
it is the only baseball stadium in Japan named after a gaijin.


released March 3, 2012
Lyrics - Mark Mowbray
Music - Ken-chan, Gaijin Army



all rights reserved


外人 Army 北海道, Japan

The beautiful melodies of 外人 Army (Gaijin Army) are what keep the Foreigner's blood pumping through those long, and frozen winters of Hokkaido. This four member ensemble pulled from four separate bands, came together to give a voice to those individuals who have come from far off lands to now call Japan their home. Beware of face melting guitar riffs. ... more

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