The Tale of Gary Gaijin (スカスカ)

by 外人 Army

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he always talks with his hand on the dial
he's got a well-timed mile
his "easy-breezy, made to please me" conversation style
it's a party every night
stop by his place at nine
人生ゲーム meets Purple Rain like it's going out of style

He never won a single fight
he never got the girl
but Gary's makin out all right
he's out to save the world for better or for worse

he claims that he gets no respect
got beaten up by grandmas at his Eikaiwa Class
tried to friend a First Year and got kancho-ed in the ass
bullied by his JTEs
at 12:15 they take his kyushoku money
when he tried to complain to Kyoto Sensei, he just laughed and said

"Why can't you be like Alan Jaye?"
why does his placement suck
his pred left all this shit behind
his house is made of mud... what if there's a flood?


released March 3, 2012
Lyrics - Mark Mowbray & Mark Rostrup
Music - Ken-chan & Mark Mowbray, Gaijin Army



all rights reserved


外人 Army 北海道, Japan

The beautiful melodies of 外人 Army (Gaijin Army) are what keep the Foreigner's blood pumping through those long, and frozen winters of Hokkaido. This four member ensemble pulled from four separate bands, came together to give a voice to those individuals who have come from far off lands to now call Japan their home. Beware of face melting guitar riffs. ... more

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